Tri, Tri Again
Thanks for a GREAT 7 Years!  
Come experience why the Tri, Tri Again was named one of the top unique triathlons in the country by
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Congratulations to all past winners!

See you all next summer to defend your titles!
"Thank you so much again for
affording me the opportunity to come
and enjoy your private playground!  
The fact that you've invented a race
that caters to everyone from
beginner to experienced triathlete is
certainly a true stroke of genius.  The
race course was awesome this year
and nice job on the ramps on the
bike portion!  Even though it's only
been my second year, I absolutely
love this event and pray that it will
be around for years to come."  
   -James Wool
    Williamsport, PA
"I wanted to thank you again for a
great weekend of racing.  It’s
amazing what you’ve dreamed up
and brought to life.  The beauty of the
event, other than the sheer beauty of
the event, is how improbable it is.
What are the odds that someone
could run an extremely challenging,
first-class race, with scads of uber-
friendly volunteers, professional
medical personnel, prizes, t-shirts,
food galore, and even pre-race
poison ivy block, out of, literally his
front yard? Long, is the answer, the
odds are mighty long. And yet, that is
exactly what Mark Alexander, is
doing.  Yes, it helps that his front yard
is a 165-acre Pennsylvania tree farm-
cum-forest, but still, the whole thing
is highly improbable.  Thanks again.  I
hope to see you next year, with my
friend in tow."

-Ian Hoffman
Cleveland Heights, OH
"What a quality wholesome
event with quality wholesome
people.  I'm very very proud to
say I participated in the 2012
TTA event.  Thank you all so
very very much!!!!"

-Todd Tagliaboski
Bellefonte, PA
In Shamokin Dam, call:
(570) 743-7474
In Shamokin Dam, call:
(570) 884-WING (9464)
"Thanks so much for one of the most awesome experiences in my life! You and your staff are amazing, wonderful people! This was my first
triathlon. I am a newbie to trail running, and a complete novice at mountain bike riding and swimming. I had never ridden my bike on
mountain trails like that, and never swam that far in my life! And I haven't swam for years! I had a blast!!! The course was sweet....very
challenging no matter what experience level one is at. And i totally enjoyed chatting with your staff throughout the course, as well as
fellow competitors. I tried to thank all of your staff as I was competing, but just in case I missed anyone, THANKS! :) Everyone is so
supportive! It was a very physically demanding event, but was so uplifting for my soul. And the fact that we all do this to support good
causes to help others makes it even more special. Thanks again and God Bless! I will definitely see you all next year!"
                                                                                                                                                                               -Larie Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                Bellefonte, PA
And... AFTER the race, it is time to feast on pizzas and wings!  A big thanks to our major sponsors!
Now THAT is a high quality hot wing, brother!
T               R                I               A                T               H               L               O              N
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UPDATE: The TTA has officially come to an end.  It's been a terrific run but times are changing.  Thanks to athletes & sponsors over the past 7 years!
"Mark, I just wanted to send you a message and thank you for hosting the
race last weekend.  The race was exceptionally well run and conceived.  
The volunteers were many and spectacular.  It is  one of the most well
conducted and supported races of its size I have ever seen, and I have
done quite a few races as well as host at least 2 Cross Country meets for
over 100 runners every year.  I look forward to competing again next
year and I promise I will be in shape for it this time!  I am also hoping to
bring a 6 looper with me.  I said it!  We have some amazing alumni who
would absolutely love this stuff.  Also, the shirt was the best one I have
ever received.  My wife was so jealous that, if she mountain biked,
would sign up for the race simply to get one.  She may sign up next year
anyway.  Again, well done and thanks so much."
                                                                 -Terry Newman
                                                                  Lancaster, PA